ACTICO Compliance Suite now integrated into Avaloq banking platform

Full integration of the ACTICO Compliance Suite is now an option for Avaloq banks. Thanks to the Avaloq Standard Adapter, all key compliance applications can be run directly from the core banking system.

Banks that work with the Avaloq banking platform can now use the ACTICO Compliance Suite to carry out compliance tasks relating to:

  • anti-money laundering;
  • sanctions list screening; 
  • transaction monitoring; 
  • detecting market abuse; or
  • monitoring emploee transactions.

Download the brochure to find out how the Avaloq Standard Adapter can help with your compliance monitoring.

"The Avaloq Standard Adapter provides Avaloq banks with a new approach to compliance using graphical monitoring rules and automation with machine learning."

Thomas Ohlemacher
Product Manager Compliance