Machine Learning - the smart solution for effective Compliance

Ever stricter regulations, increasingly sophisticated attacks on financial institutions – and rising costs. Compliance departments have to face up to these challenges and find new ways of:

  • analyzing vast quantities of data more effectively

  • detecting suspicious patterns more quickly

  • identifying risks at an earlier stage. 

Machine learning can provide a potent solution. By combining expert knowledge and data, it quickly and accurately detects complex cases of fraud, money laundering and market abuse. 

Our white paper reveals how top banks are using machine learning – and why. 

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Around the globe customers trust in ACTICO solutions


ACTICO is a leading international provider of software solutions and technologies for decision management.

In a digital world, it is necessary to process large volumes of data and make real-time, consistent and auditable decisions. ACTICO software allows companies to implement highly flexible applications to optimize their daily decision-making on a continuous basis. This enables them to accelerate growth, innovate effectively, stay compliant and as a result, increase profits.

ACTICO offers solutions in these areas:

  • Credit Risk Management: Monitor, assess and manage credit risk       
  • Loan Origination: Automate credit decisions
  • Compliance: Enable transparency, avoid fraud and comply with regulations
  • Client Management: Process sensitive customer data securely - from onboarding to reporting
  • Underwriting & Claims: Make claim settlement processes quicker, consistent and cost-effective

Since 1997, ACTICO has delivered software and services to our customers’ benefits. Headquartered in Germany with offices in USA and Singapore.

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